March 12, 2012

KHAN Academy

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I was recently watching CBS 60 mins where the discussion focused on Khan Academy a free website for learning academic and real-world knowledge from tutorial videos. These tutorials cover a plethora of subjects such as statistics, art history, chemistry, and many more that will be interesting and transforming for e-learners.

What caught my attention was the simplicity and straightforwardness of the tutorials that make you feel like this person really wants you to understand what you are learning. The history behind this site is very interesting. Khan Academy started when a former hedge fund analyst, Sal Khan wanted to tutor cousins who resided in different cities learn math using Yahoo Doodle and a telephone. Khan started to record screen cast of his sessions posting them on YouTube where his cousins can access and learn at their own pace. Soon other people became aware on these postings and started using them and he was soon receiving positive reviews from parents stating how much the clips have helped their children.  He later found out that even Bill Gates children were using these tutorials.  In this discussion Khan spoke about taking the passivity out of the classroom  and flipping the classroom, i.e.  students do homework at school and school work at home this way teachers will be freer to work with their students.  Students mastering the concepts before moving on is something he also ascribes to.  Long story short, the Khan Academy has expanded offering more videos and content focusing on upper grade school and college-level students.

Watch  Sal Khan tell his story in the clip below.

Watch Sal Khan in action explaining Simple Equations

You can view more of his tutorials here