April 22, 2012

iPad in Education

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Why do you think iPad and other like devices have the potential to transform the educational environment?

Personally, I feel IPad and similar portable devices are very instrumental and are able transform the education environment for a variety of reasons. Firstly, in some cases students already uses such devices outside of the classroom, either they already own one or they have access to one, so using something that is already familiar to them is like reaching them at their own level, therefore, it has the ability to make the learning process more interesting and extend learning outside of the classroom for students. In addition, a lot of text books can be downloaded digitally, so it also makes it easier for students to access this digital book instead of lugging around a heavy book bag filled with text books. The flexibility, and portability of such devices is so much easier for both students and teachers and the ease of use  being able to access different information and the internet to enhance the instruction makes these devices a very useful tool. The improvements in these devices have made them very powerful and versatile in and out of the educational environment and removes the need for wires and connections that a regular computers demands.

For each of the 3 great uses you identified on Kathy Schrock’s site tell why you think they are worthwhile

On Kathy Schrock’s site three great uses for the iPad I’ve identified for learning includes Utilizing some of the apps like Strip Design that’s bundled with the iPad for storyboarding to help students improve their summarizing, skills and also to help students outline the key scene sequence and keep track of main ideas and the details in the in a story. Students are also better able to illustrate specific scenes.

The iPad can also be used to collaborate and established communities. Students are able to use iPads create and access blogs and wikki for their journaling experience. This makes the instruction more interesting for students and brings another dynamic in the learning process allowing students to express themselves, interact use and improve their critical thinking, writing and communication skills which are all very essential.

iPads facilitates mobile learning. Gone are the days when you have to wait until you have access to a computer in a specific location to collaborate and communicate and use tools conducive to learning. Mobile learning can occur anywhere, in a classroom, at the dining room table, on a bus, train, in front of a science exhibit, at the zoo, and it promotes project based learning as affords students voice and choice in addition to being a motivating tool for students.