March 12, 2012

Language Dancing

Posted in Reflection at 4:54 am by izzatrinbago

What do you think can be done to educate people in general about the importance of “language dancing” in infant development using Web 2.0 technologies?

Researchers have stated that between birth and 3 years of age there are about 15, 000 hours of learning opportunities that are very important in a child’s life. The scope of a child’s development is determined by whether these hours are filled with language or left empty with nothing substantive.

All parents engage in business talk which is primarily providing the necessary information needed say to a child, “don’t do that” or “get down from there”. Unfortunately, if there is not much talking occurring, this type of communication is the only thing a child receives. It is only when children are exposed to “extra talking” they can experience more complex and rich type of communication.

Adults play an important role in the children development and the language interaction between the two has been described as a dance which makes the most difference in the growth and development in children in their early years.  As this is the foundation for children’s learning process to begin it is imperative that people are educated to understand this concept and how it relates to a child’s development and language acquisition.

In order to educate people about this concept, web 2.0 technologies can be utilized to bring about an awareness of this technique. People can view video clips on YouTube and others specific to this topic that will have detailed examples of the difference between business talk and language dancing. They can listen to expert opinions on this subject by participating in webinars/Synchronous conferencing and discussions/forums to understand how Language dancing helps the verbal-linguistic development of children. These live sessions can be recorded and posted on iTunes for others to access.  In addition, people can listen to podcast from reputable sites that showcase strategies that can be used to support children’s language and literacy skills, and also deals with children development and other stages of growth, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

In addition, this can be a part of a blog that addresses infant development that includes language dancing and other development patterns that people can access collaborate and work together on.


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  1. I like your ideas on how Web 2.0 technologies can be used not only as an educational tool for parents but also as a vehicle for them to share resources and support each other. Parenting is a difficult job with no instruction manual – so the more information and guidance that can be given the better. Of course parents will have to use their judgment to decide what information is beneficial to them and how they will apply the information.

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