February 11, 2012

Looking at Models of Innovation in Credit Repair Programs

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How Brownsville Academy High School and eCademy innovatatively and transformatively address the following core topics.




Student Role

Student’s environment consists of smaller classes with approximately 12-17 students. They participate in both in class directed by a physical teacher and online courseware sessions. Students should be able to show they have a real understanding and a mastery of what they have learned.

Teacher / Staff Roles

Teachers utilize the DPNet system and is responsible for managing both the face to face in class session and the online part at the same time. The teacher starts off the class by reviewing content then a task is assigned to the students and the class divided accordingly.  In addition, teachers create their own content specific to their methods.

Leadership Role

This system allows leadership to focus on essential principles, performance, supportive school culture, future focus, effective supports, and enable leaders to ascertain how students are progressing on a weekly and daily basis. The short cycle assessments also provide valuable information as it relates to how and when students learn. Leaders also make sure that the core standards are being met.

School Scheduling (Creative Use of Time)

Student classes consist of 90 minutes sessions and the class is rotated between direct instruction, some DPNet-based curriculum, and some commercial online courseware. The learning system includes a student area where students can access their calendars, schedules and other communication tools. Teachers can also use the DPNet-based learning system to communicate with their colleagues and to keep abreast of students’ progress, assessments etc.


The school does not expect to have any significant savings as a result of utilizing this program. However, the inclination is the program will allow them to be able to increase both students learning time and their access to content while costs remain constant.

Learning Environment

A  Rotation Blended Model was implemented




Student Role

In the initial semesters students are expected to meet face to face with teacher. If the students maintains at least a c average they are no longer required to meet in class. However, students are free to use the computer labs and there is an open door policy where students can continue to meet with teachers  face-to face-during office hours if they so desire. These students are also required to logon on to a virtual classroom for the same amount of days as they would be required to in a traditional classroom setting.

Teacher / Staff Roles

Although teachers create courses themselves  they also incorporate content from the state’s virtual high school, Ideal New Mexico and the National Repository of Online Courses. They are expected to offer two or three classes with the class size being about 30 students. They are also required to obtain a district certification in online teaching.

Teachers are available during office hours to meet with students, and utilized Blackboard with short cycle assessments which includes end of week assessments and pretest to customize pacing for students, and to post and upload information.

There are designated mentors (teacher or parent) who receive a “flag” if students have not logged on enough to their online environment. Teachers maintain a log on any communication they have with parents. Teachers are able to work and earn a decent living throughout the year

Leadership Role

The blended program has increased parent involvement and changed the dichotomy of the role leadership plays in student’s life. Instead of leadership taking on the role of disciplining students this program encourages parents and the school’s leadership working in unison for the success of the students. The success of the program has prompted leadership to envision partnership with entities and corporations like Sprint, Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce etc. that will further elevate and enhance the program and allow students to take courses at their location.  In addition, technology like iPad, Cloud, 24hrs desktop support, an integrated system that will collect students assessments information and pinpoint where students need help and how this help can be given to them etc. are being considered as a means to better serve students and teachers.

School Scheduling (Creative Use of Time)

Although the classes are smaller than in a traditional school because of the schools long hours ranging from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. the school is able to accommodate the same number of students. In addition, this school fits nicely for students who are not able to attend classes during the regular class hours because of their job responsibilities


The teacher pay formula has enable eCademy to see substantial savings. Teachers are paid a set amount of $190.00 per student per class and the school can only offer classes for a few students. There is significant facility costs savings because of the size of school and as there is not a gym, shares campus space with another school building, there are few specialized rooms, the cafeteria room is used for different purposes, and the parking lot is small. This of course reduces overhead for example, security, utilities, custodial, operating costs, cafeteria expenses.

The school’s elimination of text books, paper reproduction storage expenses, as well as through the reduction of aides and support staff has also led to extensive savings for the school.

Learning Environment

Blended- Online Driver. The first meeting is face to face and students are allowed to complete the rest of the course online as long as they maintain at least a C average.



  1. This programs of blended learning and longer hours of accommodation for students who did not do well and now have to finish school and maybe working.

    I think this is a really good way to show how classes through learning on line is also a good way to line.

  2. You know I am happy to see what you wrote on leadership because that was a little confusing to me.

    It is a great way for parents to keep up with what students are doing and while having a lot of support.

    • audrey said,

      I enjoyed both reports as they gave answers to the questions in a very detailed manner.

    • izzatrinbago said,

      @ traumanotadhdnoradd… I am happy I was able to clarify leadership role to you. It took me a while to get it too.

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