February 8, 2012

Technology and the Problem of Divided Attention

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Why Texting in Class Is Not a Good Idea

Recently, I was browsing the internet and came across a video that at first had me thinking about how there seems to be a saturation of technology and their use. Cell phones, text messaging, computer, iPads, laptops etc. and the widely used wireless communication in a variety of settings, has led in my opinion to the creation of an issue called the problem of divided attention. Research suggests that after an individual respond to an email or a text message it takes more than 15 minutes to re-focus or resume the “task” they were previously doing before the interruption occurred. In addition, other studies indicate that the brain is unable to do two tasks at once. One task has to be relinquished in order to effectively accomplish the other. Although there is much talk about multi-tasking, according to research, our brains are not fully able to do this effectively. This video depicts a teacher’s frustration with a student texting in the classroom…. and what can happen…take a look.



  1. Cynthia said,


  2. Ms. Lasagne said,

    really enjoyed this video, very funny 🙂

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