February 8, 2012

Review: Insight 360™ Formative Instruction System

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Insight 360™ Formative Instruction System is a fully integrated system of mobile hardware and intuitive software formative instruction system consisting of Mobi 360 for iPad, and a Pulse 360 or Spark 360. It is a student response system that utilizes software, instructional material and mobile technology to help mobile users track student progress and provide feedback. Insight supports educators’ best practices and accelerates student understanding.

What I Like About It

I like that you can conduct ongoing formative assessments during the teaching process, so that more frequent information is readily available to ascertain if students understand the instruction. As instructional content is projected onto any surface at the front of the room, teachers can lead instruction from anywhere in the classroom using either a Mobi freeing them from a position at the front of the class. I also like that it combines the capabilities of a student response system with mobile interactive whiteboard technology and integrated content as part of a complete mobile formative instruction system. Finally, I like the fact that it helps strengthen instructional strategy and it can be used to foster better student progress.

 How can this innovation be used in an educational setting?

Various tasks can be assigned to groups or individuals using the devices to simultaneously show their work on open-ended formative questions. For example students might show the steps to solving a math problem and the system enables students to input from up to four devices all over the classroom.

 What I Do Not Like About It

The price of this system is a little costly and the lasting positive effect of using this system will only be seen if teachers are willing to adjust their instruction to a more interactive mode.


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