January 22, 2012


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Why do we need to change educational practice?

A supportive learning environment in school is essential to assist students in their college and career endeavors. Students should have a personalized learning plan that reflects their interests, goals and academic strength that will serve them well when they progress to college or in work environments.

Schools should help students thrive by allowing them to be involved in the learning process allowing students to own their various learning experiences that they will be part of which will enable them to explore topics and fields that are of interest to them, and provide the freedom they need to learn.

The traditional way of learning is not beneficial to today’s students and this technology age has challenged the pedagogical practice status quo that existed and in some places still does. Student centered instruction should be a part of the curriculum and schools should make adjustments to their curriculum and their learning process in order to provide students with an education that will allow them to have opportunities to learn what is needed in this global economy.

Effective educators should be able to provide instruction and activities that is conducive for collaboration, innovative utilizing emerging technologies for example ipad, blogging, podcast etc with rigorous content that will encourage student to analyze, be creative, use cognitive skills, be critical thinkers that will provide a more fulfilling experience in the classroom. This experience will allow students to be comfortable working in teams and with other people as this is a definite requirement in the working environment and at college level.

Teachers are instrumental in preparing students for success in colleges and the workplace. Their methods of teaching should be able to motivate students to help them think logically and for the transition to college and their career choices to be a positive one. Also teaching should not be only delegated to the classroom but the learning process should provide students with different environments\ avenues to learn outside of the classroom like going on field trips, community services, museum, etc. Giving students different opportunities to learn being mindful of the different learning styles that exist in the classroom i.e. example Kinestic, Visual, Verbal etc.

Schools should aligned and partner themselves with corporations and organizations who are able to provide suitable internships/ and or mentors for students to get relevant experience and see firsthand how the work environment is and become familiar with it even while in school. Participating in internships students will better be able to understand why it is necessary to learn certain subjects they might feel is not important.

Since todays students are very technological inclined and rely heavily on it in almost every area especially outside of the classroom the learning process has to be adaptive to it and educators need to incorporate some of these tools/ devices to assist in keeping students engaged whether it is to work on projects in teams, use the internet to complete assignments a to correspond with their teacher etc.



  1. Audrey said,


    You have made some great points:

    1. Students being involved in their learning process – Design a
    plan/setting goals to learn
    2. Integrating technology – team work – collaborative projects such as
    Project Based Learning
    3. Internship Programs – Experiencing opportunities – testing the
    industries – Is this something I want to do this long term?

  2. Hi, thank for sending me a request. I must say you surely have a point about “teachers being a motivational tool for students”.

    I also believe sometimes you can capture a student with a topic which they have no interest in, until the teacher brings it alive.

    Mention about technology is so true. So maybe incorporating cell phone in the classroom may really work!

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